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Catholic Teacher Bargaining 2023

Negotiations for your new EBA with CEWA have progressed steadily during the beginning of 2023. Your IEU Catholic Teacher Bargaining Committee has discussed workloads for the last three meetings; some progress has been made in addressing the exponential growth of teacher workloads.

The IEU has prepared and sent a draft EBA document for CEWA to consider. This document includes all of the items from your EBA Log of Claims.

You can read this draft EBA here. Please provide any feedback you may have to

Keep in mind that this EBA draft has NOT been agreed to by CEWA and does not form your current conditions; it has only been provided to them by IEU Catholic Teacher Bargaining Committee for discussion at our next EBA meeting on Monday 1st May 2023.

This is the perfect time to invite your colleagues to join you in the IEU so they can have their say and play their part in supporting a process which will benefit everyone in Catholic education. The more IEU members we have standing behind us at the bargaining table, the stronger we will be!

Posters, Graphics and Other Resources

Previous Vote Resources


Information on CEWA’s Proposed Agreement

IEUWA Members’ Log of Claims
Developed by surveying and discussing issues with IEU Members, this document lays out the claims of IEU Teacher Members in Catholic Schools for their next EBA and was presented to CEWA at the beginning of bargaining in 2021.

CEWA Response to IEU Members Log of Claims
CEWA provided this document in response to the IEU Log of Claims above; the majority of members’ claims were rejected by CEWA.

IEU Members’ Proposed Clauses for Teachers EBA
Current as of September 12 2022, this document contains the IEU’s edits to the then-current proposed EBA that CEWA had provided.

Catholic Teacher EBA – Comparison Document (February 2022)
This document was issued during the previous vote in February 2022, comparing CEWA’s offer at that time to other WA non-government education Agreements and the Federal Award.

Funding documents
The following both indicate the level of funding that WA Non-government schools are receiving from the State and Federal Governments.

Relevant Award
Since bargaining last took place, CEWA have moved into the federal industrial relations system. That means that CEWA employees and bargaining must adhere to the conditions laid out in the Fair Work Act. Teachers are covered by the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.