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Workplace Issues

What does your union do for you?

Your Union negotiates on your behalf to improve your salaries and working conditions. We employ expert industrial officers who:

  • Assist with Collective Bargaining for improved salaries and conditions.
  • Provide confidential advice – Your Union office handles a large number of industrial queries on a daily basis.
  • Offer representation – Professional representation on any matter pertaining to your employment.

Union delegates, organisers and industrial officers organise workers to act collectively to build power and use that to improve working conditions and salaries and advocate for workers in the area of health and safety at work.

Being a union member gives you access to expert and timely industrial advice and support through our industrial officers and industry partners.

Enquiries from members are responded to as quickly as possible.

The IEU also receives enquiries from non-union members when they find themselves in a position of actual or potential conflict with an employer. If you require extensive assistance, you will be required to join the IEU and pay a minimum of three months in arrears of union fees depending on the complexity of your issue, in order for our union officers to proceed with your case.

These cases and the level of assistance they receive are assessed individually by the Branch Secretary.