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Membership Rates

Here are a few things you should know about your membership before you sign up:

  • Your membership rates are aligned to your income – for this reason the onus is on you to notify the union office of any change in salary – call 9373 1000 to adjust your rate accordingly or using this form to update your details. Please note that accurate records are required in case of a claim for Journey Insurance – an incorrect salary level may affect any payment received.
  • Fees are based on gross annual salary prior to salary packaging or salary sacrifice.
  • Relief Teachers are entitled to a subscription rate equivalent to Step 1 of the standard membership rates (see below).
  • Student/Pre-Service Teachers can join the union free of charge while enrolled in a teaching course and still enjoy the full suite of member benefits.
  • All Union Subscriptions include GST.
  • Union Subscriptions are a tax deduction. You will be sent a tax statement in the early weeks of July of the following financial year – make sure to keep your contact details accurate to facilitate delivery.

Please note that there have been no increases in union fees since 2016 but they are subject to change with notice. 

You can read the IEU’s Member Refund Policy here

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