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Teachers Health Fund

Teachers Health Fund is a private health insurer, designed exclusively for Teachers and Support Staff and their families.

At Teachers Health Fund, we understand that teaching is a demanding profession. We acknowledge that your professional life is dedicated to serving your school and community, caring for your students and guiding them through their education journey.

So, we are here to serve you – to care for your health and guide you through your health insurance life cycle. We have been doing this for Teachers and Support Staff and their families since 1954, and now have over 109,000 members.

Why join Teachers Health Fund?

  • Even if you feel fit and healthy, you are not immune from getting sick or injured
  • We offer value for money health insurance – with high benefits and annual limits
  • We offer a range of products to suit your health insurance needs
  • You can choose your providers
  • We are the health fund for Teachers and Support Staff – and we have the experience and security to offer you peace of mind

To find out more about the benefits of belonging to Teachers Health Fund and to join, simply click here or call 1300 728 188 (6.00am – 4.00pm) Western Standard Time).