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2023-11-20 Notice: Alteration of Rules

I, Rebecca COLLOPY of 20/63 Knutsford Avenue, RIVERVALE WA 6103 am the Branch Secretary of the Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch and am authorised to give this notice of particulars of alterations to the rules of the Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch and to make this declaration as required by Regulation 126 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009.

  1. I declare that the alterations were made in accordance with the rules of the Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch.
  2. The particulars of the rule alterations are attached to this declaration and labelled ‘Schedule A’.
  3. The alteration was made in accordance with Rule 7.1(c) of the Rules of the Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch: 7 – POWERS OF THE BRANCH EXECUTIVE 7.1 The Branch Executive shall have power to control and manage the business and affairs of the Branch subject always to the Federal Rules and the Branch Rules, and without limiting the generality of this power shall have power to: … (c) Rescind, amend or add to these Branch Rules including rules to constitute, reform, or dissolve sub-branches, sections and local committees and to determine or vary their powers and duties.
  4. The actions taken under the rules to make this alteration were as follows:
    (a) On 24 October 2023, I provided notice of an ordinary meeting of the Branch Executive on 15 November 2023.
    (b) On 7 November 2023, in accordance with the Branch Executive’s policy for circular resolutions, I provided a Flying Minute to the Branch Executive proposing the Rule Change, including an explanatory memorandum explaining the rationale for the change. A vote for the rule change was requested, with a view toward approving immediate action and further affirming the decision at the 15 November meeting.
    (c) By 8 November 2023, the responses of the Branch Executive members indicated unanimous support for the motion proposing a rule change.
  5. I declare that the particulars set out in this notice are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Rebecca Collopy
Branch Secretary

Schedule A:
A rule to confirm the role the Branch Secretary regarding workplace representatives
That a subrule (y) be added to Branch Rule 8.1:
8.1 (y) be responsible for appointing workplace representatives and where 50% or more of members in a workplace request that an election be held to replace a workplace representative be responsible for the conduct of that ballot.
Moved: Rebecca Collopy
Seconded: Mark Elliott
Date Proposed: 7 November 2023
Date Carried: 8 November 2023