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Membership for Education Assistants

In recognition of the special requirements of
Education Assistants in the workplace, your union
has employed two Organisers who have years of
experience as Education Assistants themselves. Your
union is committed to making sure your workplace
and conditions are protected and continue to

Relief Education Assistants are entitled to a special subscription rate equivalent to Category 1 Up to $20,000.
The onus is on all members to declare a change in salary by contacting the office to adjust your rate accordingly. We
also offer rates for members on leave still wishing to receive the benefits of union membership.

If you have more questions, please call the office on 08 9373 1000 to speak to Engela Du Toit or Roberta Yaxley, our Education Assistant Organisers or email – otherwise, complete the form below and start your journey with the IEU!