Meet our Education Officers

Meet the Education Officers dedicated to bringing you the excellent standard of professional learning you deserve:

Jan Cox:
Jan has many years of experience in primary and secondary settings, as a teacher and Inclusive Education Coordinator. She also has a wide range of diverse experience in leadership. Jan has comprehensive experience in behaviour management, including policy development and implementation.
Jan currently shares her time between working in a progressive, innovative school and as an Organiser and Education Officer at the IEUA WA Branch.

Leonie Alexander:
Leonie has wide-ranging experience as a teacher and educational leader, working in a variety of secondary contexts. She has extensive leadership experience within education and the NFP sector.
Leonie’s passion for social justice and education continues to inspire her in her role as Organiser and Education Officer with the IEUA WA Branch.

Louise Dillon:
Starting her professional career working in unions as an Organiser and subsequently, in union leadership, Louise left the movement to become a teacher, which fulfilled her lifelong desire. As a teacher Louise has enjoyed many years’ experience in the non-government sector as a secondary teacher, including leadership responsibilities.Louise’ passion for education and social justice continues to inspire her in her current role at the IEUA as an Education Officer/Organiser.

For further information, please contact: Louise Dillon, Organiser/Professional Learning Coordinator on +61 8 9373 1000 or email:

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