WA Super

WA Super’s partnership with the IEUA WA Branch allows members access to a full range of services offered by WA Super.

WA Super is focused on helping Australians achieve their retirement dreams. WA Super are a not-for-profit industry super fund, which means they work for their members, not for shareholders and every dollar of profit goes back to their members.

WA Super has been looking after their members’ super for over 35 years. Originally established to service local government employees, WA Super is now available to anyone eligible to have a superannuation account. WA Super currently receive contributions from over 60,000 members and manage over $3.5 billion of retirement money on behalf of their members.

Benefits for WA Super Default employers:

  • In-house administration
  • Account management
  • Free member education seminars as well as 1-on-1 information sessions at the workplace
  • Free clearinghouse service

For further information on how WA Super can assist you visit their website at wasuper.com.au or call on 08 9480 3500 or 1300 99 85 42 (country callers).