CEWA have decided to put their draft agreement to vote. CEWA’s draft is disrespectful, and Catholic Teachers deserve better than what CEWA have offered.

Click here to find the resources and information you need about the upcoming vote for your EBA.

In a last-ditch effort, CEWA are now hoping that a 2.5% yearly increase to wages will be enough to get their woefully inadequate agreement over the finish line.

A 2.5% pay rise doesn’t make up for the fact that CEWA have done nothing to address the ridiculous workloads Catholic Teachers continue to endure. In bargaining meetings, CEWA rejected all of the IEU members’ clauses and suggestions for addressing the increasing workloads.

Here’s just a fraction of the problems in CEWA’s draft agreement

  • CEWA lag behind other employers in the sector, only offering 2 days of compassionate leave
  • CEWA have only offered an increase to DOTT time to primary school teachers – but they’ve taken away the additional DOTT time for writing IEPs that you are currently entitled to
  • CEWA are trying to sell their two “wellness days” as a new leave entitlement – but it’s drawn from your existing personal leave and need to be booked at the beginning of term.
  • CEWA haven’t put any restrictions on maximum class sizes, the amount of duty you can be asked to do, or even given teachers a recess or lunch break – nothing has been done to address the massive growth in workloads.
  • CEWA want you to supply evidence (e.g. a medical certificate) for each day of sick leave that you take
  • CEWA still haven’t acknowledged COVID in your agreement as part of paid pandemic leave – their paid pandemic leave policy could be revoked by CEWA at any time

The IEUWA Office has developed a Log of Claims for the next Teachers’ Agreement based on extensive discussions with members. This document has been amended and endorsed by IEUWA Delegates and will guide IEUWA Bargaining representatives when negotiating for key improvements to salaries and conditions in the new EBA.

Read all previous bargaining updates to members here.

Importantly, the IEUWA only consults and represents IEUWA members – so this is the perfect time to invite your colleagues to join you in the IEU so they can have their say and play their part in supporting a process which will benefit everyone in Catholic education. The more IEU members we have standing behind us at the bargaining table, the stronger we will be!

Since bargaining last took place, CEWA have moved into the federal industrial relations system. That means that CEWA employees and bargaining must adhere to the conditions laid out in the Fair Work Act. Teachers are covered by the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.

There’s never been a more important time to make sure that you are a member of your union.

This agreement will lock in pay and conditions for you and all Catholic School teachers for the next few years.