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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The IEUwa has voluntarily adopted a Policy on Information Privacy under the terms of the Privacy Act 1998.

The IEUwa respects the privacy of the personal and sensitive member information collected, maintained and stored by the organisation and this commitment is demonstrated in this Policy on Information Privacy.

The principal activities of the IEUwa are:

  • Representing members in workplace and industry wide negotiations with employers and employer organisations.
  • Representing members before the Western Australian and Australian Industrial Relations Commissions and other courts and tribunals relevant to workplace issues.
  • Providing information to members about their employment and related rights and obligations.
  • Lobbying State and Federal government and other relevant bodies about matters of concern to members and their families in relation to employment.
  • Publicising to members and to the community issues of concern to members and proposals to address these concerns.
  • Conducting research and other activities in order to enable the IEUwa to effectively carry out these functions.
  • Providing members and their families with access to a range of services on favourable terms.


2.1 The IEUwa will at all times collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner. The IEUwa database and files comprise the following personal member information:

  • Name, residential/postal address/es and telephone numbers
  • Email address where provided
  • Gender
  • Employer
  • Occupation/classification
  • Payment details
  • Contact details
  • Member signatures/authorities are also collected by the IEUwa

2.2 If a member has provided an email address to the IEUwa it may be used to advise of IEUwa policy, campaigns, newsletters, member briefings, etc.

The purposes for the collection of information from members are to:

  • Contact members about matters relating to their IEUwa membership;
  • Ensure that services and programs are relevant to the needs of members, including by carrying out surveys and other research;
  • Meet statutory requirements under industrial and other relevant legislation;
  • Facilitate the collection of more detailed information where the IEUwa is assisting members collectively or individually.


  • The IEUwa will not use or disclose or permit the use or disclosure of personal member information to a third party which could be used to identify an individual member without the consent of the member or unless the disclosure is required by law.
  • The IEUwa is committed to the secure storage of and control of access to personal information by the IEUwa and any other organisations with which it deals.
  • On termination of membership as per the provisions of the IEUwa rules and/or the Industrial Relations Act 1979 the member’s contact details will be noted as closed and payment details deleted from the data base.


  • Notice of IEUwa adherence to a Policy on Information Privacy will be made available at or prior to an application for membership;
  • The Policy is available on the IEUwa website or otherwise on request.
  • A member may contact the IEUwa to view information held about him or her and may correct any inaccuracies.


  • The day-to-day responsibility for the implementation of the IEUwa Policy on Information Privacy rests with the Secretary of the IEUwa.
  • Complaints regarding Information Privacy should be made in writing to the Secretary.

Angela Briant
Secretary July 2015