IEU Secretariat Report 2019

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On 18 May 2019, the Liberal National Party Coalition Government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, was returned with a one seat majority.

While strong campaigning by ACTU unions to ‘Change the Rules’ ensured that education, health, job security and living wages were kept in the voters’ focus during the election, it did not provide for a change of government. 

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2019 CBCA Book Week Competition Entries

All you have to do to enter our Annual IEUA WA Branch CBCA Book Week Competition is email your Book Week pics by Wednesday 28 August to 

For more information about prizes, click here

Thank you to the following schools for sending in their entries!

St Andrew’s Grammar, Dianella
A lovely involvement of students in describing their favourite book of their year so far!


St Augustine’s Primary School, Rivervale

Book Week at St Augustine's Primary, Rivervale Book Week at St Augustine's Primary, RivervaleCBCA Book Week at St Augustine's 

Not good enough – A statement from IEU National about NAPLAN

Whatever the merits of an ‘online’ NAPLAN, the simple fact is that there is an extraordinary imposition on schools to deliver this new platform.

Schedules and re-rooming arrangements impact the entire school.

‘NAPLAN coordinators’, a thankless task assigned to some poor souls in schools, have been busy in recent days and early mornings this week to try to ensure that the technology at the school is operational and ready.

Rescheduling of classes to access limited devices for the online test means interruption to teaching and learning across the school.

So, when the system fails through no fault of the school, there are significant stress and work intensification issues that confront school staff across Australia.

The goodwill of school staff, teachers and education support staff, is fundamentally abused when the system fails to work.

The failings in the last two days, no matter how limited, but certainly much broader than reported, cannot and should not be tolerated.

There seems to be little appreciation for the scale of additional work and internal re-organisation that is required in schools to deliver NAPLAN.

The IEUA Federal Executive meeting next week (Thursday 23 May) will consider a resolution that will demand a consistent and appropriate level of support and resourcing from employers and ACARA, or in the alternate a recommendation for schools to withdraw support for future NAPLAN testing.

School Strike 4 Climate – 15 March 2019

The School Strike 4 Climate movement was inspired by the actions of Greta Thunberg, a Swedish political activist seeking to stop global warming and climate change. In August 2018, she became a prominent figure for starting the first school strike for climate, outside the Swedish parliament building.

The Strike, on Friday 15 March, followed an earlier event in November 2018. The March Strike was supported by community groups, schools, universities and unions, including the IEU. Read our statement of support here.

With climate change as the single biggest global challenge, we will continue to support environmental measures and actions that reflect our union principles of collective action. 

Find out more about this movement which is going from strength to strength.

Member Focus: Meet Jan Cox

Jan Cox at the IEUA WA Branch and [see insert] with Organiser Kathy Rogerson after winning Rising Star of the Year at the Delegates are Diamonds Conference in 2018.

From teaching at all levels to Rising Star, we’re happy to announce that Jan Cox is now the Professional Learning Coordinator for the IEUA WA Branch!

Splitting her time between her role as Inclusive Education Coordinator at Bold Park Community School and her new position at the IEUA WA Branch, Jan brings a wealth of insight and experience to her role here.

At Bold Park, she deals with the social, emotional and educational needs of children ranging from K-12 and her 32 years as a teacher in the classroom gives her the background necessary to provide professional learning of relevance and currency to members.

I wish to engage teachers and support staff of all levels, from Early Career to veteran, providing professional learning that assists the best outcomes for teachers, support staff and students.

On being asked what she wants to achieve in her new role as Professional Learning Coordinator.

A union member since late 2015, Jan joined the IEUA WA Branch after speaking to organiser Kathy Rogerson on a school visit. Jan was inspired to join because Kathy presented the union as doing more than just dealing with industrial disputes.

Kathy spoke to Jan about the union being relevant to every aspect of the working day, from professional learning to accessing member services from retail and industry partners as well as the assistance from staff on contracts and other matters. Kathy provided real-life examples that were practical and relevant. Kathy also spoke of the union as part of a larger community movement, dedicated to worker rights worldwide. Jan signed up!

At the end of the 2017, Kathy approached Jan about being a delegate at Bold Park. Jan recognised that having a delegate on site would made sense for her colleagues and lead to her own increased knowledge of union matters. She rose to the challenge.

In fact, she rose so fast as a delegate that in April, Jan was acknowledged by the IEUA WA Branch for her excellent work at Bold Park by awarding her the inaugural Rising Star of the Year Award presented at the Delegates are Diamonds conference.

Welcome Jan!

If you have any specific PL area requests, please contact Jan on

Check our current in-house professional learning opportunities here as well as those offered by Teacher Learning Network [TLN].