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Our Strategic Plan


Our Vision

To be regarded as a professional, constructive, influential and authoritative union of members that:

  • effectively advocates for and achieves social, economic, workplace, professional advancement and security for members;
  • is integral to a member’s career and identity; and
  • is instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of education in Western Australia.

Our Mission

To have the resources and knowledge to provide quality and timely service and advice that facilitates collective action in advocating for, and protecting and advancing the interests of members.

Our Values


We are honest and transparent with members and associates, in our dealings and in the provision of information.

We expect the same in return.


We do the right thing in a reliable and consistent way. Our members’ advancement is at the forefront of everything we do.

Social Justice

We are committed to a fair and just society in which all citizens are treated impartially and equitably. We actively work to ensure that workplaces are free of bullying, harassment or victimisation.


We respect the right of members and associates to express their opinions and have those opinions listened to. We acknowledge that we may not always agree.


We believe in collective action as a means of ensuring the advancement of members: professionally, economically and within their workplace.

With the support of our delegates and members, we will:

  • grow our Union, in numbers and influence;
  • target improved results from collective bargaining;
  • dramatically increase the number, spread and influence of workplace delegates;
  • dedicate our time and effort to issues important to our members;
  • improve engagement by communicating more effectively with members;
  • change the rules that are broken and work together with members across the movement;
  • we are all one Union family.

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan poster here