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Goals, Objectives and Initiatives

Member Services and Advancement

We will grow our membership base in order to achieve greater strength through our numbers.
We will meet or exceed existing and future members’ expectations with regard to advisory and advocacy services in order to improve retention rates.
We will be proactive in identifying broader strategic industrial, political and social issues facing members and mounting successful campaigns that achieve workplace and social change.

We will achieve this by:

  • having an effective workplace delegate structure in place
  • increasing the number of early career teachers joining the union
  • resolving school-based issues locally
  • establishing professional learning and networking opportunities
  • encouraging the participation of members in Union activities and governance, decision-making and policy development processes
  • improving communication and engagement with members and member groups
  • improving member density in the Catholic school sector
  • improving the Union’s presence in the community and effective promotion of its achievements
  • strengthening the relationship between members collectively and the Union organisation

Industrial and Political Advocacy

We will continually improve our industrial, advocacy, workplace and professional services.
We will works towards members being respected and empowered in their workplace and their communities.

We will achieve this by:

  • growing the capacity to influence by having highly skilled staff
  • facilitating the empowerment of members to achieve their aspirations at a
  • workplace level
  • being innovative in advocacy and bargaining
  • advocating and influencing decisions to achieve positive legislative reforms
  • increasing the exposure of the Union within the community and media
  • using the Union’s influence in the political process
  • promoting the Union as a significant social justice campaigner
  • establishing more Enterprise Agreements in schools

Financial Management

We will manage our members’ money in a responsible and accountable manner.
We will ensure that the Union has a solid financial base upon which to adequately fund current service delivery and future growth.

We will achieve this by:

  • expanding and growing the revenue base
  • maintaining the currency of member financial and other details
  • ensuring accountability in financial management
  • having budget management aligned to strategic objectives
  • responsible maintenance of assets
  • identifying and implementing cost reduction strategies

Internal Management Systems, Processes and Governance

We will be well-managed, operating within clearly defined policies, procedures and a legislative and governance framework.

We will achieve this by:

  • aligning internal and external processes with the Strategic Plan
  • having an effective IT framework to meet member and organisational needs
  • having relevant, compliant and workable rules in place
  • having an effective Union Executive governance model in place
  • improving the collection, storage, distribution, disposal and use of documents and records

Organisational Learning and Growth

We will have a positive and productive work environment that is based on accepting individual responsibility and a team approach across all work areas.
This will improve services to and advocacy for members.

We will achieve this by:

  • future proofing the organisation by aligning employees job / tasks to organisational and strategy objectives and associated trends, demands and dynamics
  • empowering and motivating employees to deliver the Strategic Plan
  • having respectful and high quality HR management processes
  • staff being provided with opportunities for professional learning
  • promoting our Vision, Mission and Values in all aspects of the Union’s operations