An historic affiliation

With the firm objective of influencing WA Labor’s education policy in this State, the Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch (IEUA WA Branch) has made the decision to affiliate with Labor.

We believe this decision will place the members of the IEUA WA Branch in a strong position to contribute to the educational direction of WA.

WA Labor will benefit from the experience of the IEUA WA Branch’s members – teachers, administrative staff, technicians, education assistants – ordinary working people – from 334 non-government schools in WA.

As the first IEU branch in Australia to affiliate with Labor – and the only education-specific union to do so, members will benefit from being able to put their views directly to the Labor State – and Federal – governments.

  • IEUA WA Branch members believe that every student in every school, government or non-government, has the right to high quality education: so does WA Labor.
  • IEUA WA Branch members believe their influence will raise the profile of the teaching profession.
  • IEUA WA Branch members want to contribute their knowledge and skills to further develop a stronger Western Australia.

IEUA WA Branch members say ‘Nothing about us, without us’.

Download a copy of our announcement here