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IEU Speaks on Multi-Employer Bargaining

  • IEU Speaks

Catholic school support staff in Western Australia are the latest IEU members set to benefit
from the federal government’s modernised bargaining laws.

The IEU-WA Branch has applied for the first ever Single Interest Multi-Employer Bargaining
under new federal laws that came into effect in June this year. The Fair Work
Commission will begin hearing the application today, Thursday, 20 July.

IEU members across the country were forced to work under complex and unfair bargaining laws for
decades. The federal government’s repairs to the bargaining system will make a real difference to
the wages and working lives of countless members and their families.

This latest application, on behalf of thousands of educational support and general operational staff
working across 10 Catholic school employers, follows last month’s joint application by UWU, AEU
and the IEU for the first Supported Bargaining Application for early childhood education workers.

While Catholic school teachers in WA are already engaged in bargaining, their support staff
colleagues don’t have an agreement. School support and operational staff are predominantly
female workers with many stuck on insecure short-term contracts – these members can now
pursue greater job security and wage outcomes through bargaining.

For too long, feminised workplaces and professions have been disregarded, and their wages and
working conditions have failed to recognise their vital contribution. All education employees
deserve access to fair and balanced bargaining options.

Winning the changes needed to restore fairness and keep wages moving will only happen with the
action of union members as part of our 2 million strong Australian union community