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Your TLN User Guide

TLN has a new website and a new system for accessing the various professional learning courses that are available to IEU Members. We sent you your login details in our April Member Newsletter – this is what you need to know if you are having trouble finding your way around.

How to login

Go to

Enter your username and password (we sent this to you in the Member Newsletter for April).

On the landing page you can browse all available live and on demand events by clicking ‘Browse catalogue.
To go directly to your personalised learning centre to access your current and completed courses as well as your certificate click ‘Go to your Learning Centre’

The catalogue

The catalogue contains all of the available live and on demand courses

You can sort the courses by selecting options at the top right of the catalogue.

You can filter the course by live and on demand or by the category options.

Or you can filter your results by using the category options

The Learning Centre

Your upcoming course you have enrolled for will appear in your learning centre under the ‘current’ tab. If you have enrolled in a live course you can click the attend button here to login on the night. To access the content of an on demand course then click the launch button.


When you complete an IEU Learning Hub course you will be provided with a certificate to acknowledge your participation.

At the end of an on demand course you will be presented with a screen that allows you to access your certificate.

You can access this course again and your certificate in the future by navigating to your learning centre and selecting the ‘completed’ tab.

You can easily access your certificate by clicking the button next to your course.

You can also click ‘View Course’ to see the content again or access any resources that were made available.

Cancelling a registration

Go to your learning centre and find the course. Click the dropdown menu and select unenroll.