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IEU Speaks on NAPLAN 2021: IEU Congratulates Teachers and Support Staff!

IEU congratulates teachers, support staff and students for their adaptability and resilience as they have moved between in-school and remote learning over the past 18 months. 

The recent release of the NAPLAN 2021 summary information shows that the global COVID-19 pandemic has had no significant impact on students’ literacy and numeracy achievement at a national level.

Such results are due to the dedicated professionalism and hard work of teachers and support staff.

NAPLAN Preliminary Results Released 

The NAPLAN 2021 summary information, released on 25 August 2021, provides preliminary results at the national and state or territory level for each school year assessed and for all domains in NAPLAN.

The data provides comparisons of 2021 results with both 2019 and the base years (2008 for numeracy, reading and conventions of language, and 2011 for writing.)

NAPLAN was not undertaken in 2020 due to COVID 19.

The preliminary results released show significant improvement for Year 3 and 5 reading and Year 5, 7 and 9 numeracy with gains equivalent to at least three months of learning since testing began in 2008. All years have a seen a steady upward trend in spelling.

It must be remembered that the NAPLAN results are a one-day snapshot of students’ academic performance and the picture provided could be arrived at by sample testing. The results also do not show the full complement of all positive outcomes that students achieve.

IEU Acting Federal Secretary, Christine Cooper, said, “IEU members have shown that they are adaptable professionals and the fact that they continue to meet the various challenges that have occurred in schools, to firstly operate under a pandemic, then to manage transitions to remote education, to conduct that remote education and then to resume operations under a COVID 19 safe environment is nothing short of remarkable!”

“The gains in learning since the base year demonstrate that Australia’s students are continuing to make academic progress due to IEU members professionalism. “

 It is time for the government and other media commentators to congratulate teachers on the excellent work they continue to provide the community.”

The IEU would also acknowledge the important role parents and carers played in assisting their children with remote learning.   Ms Cooper commented that “parents, carers and teachers and support staff have long enjoyed a fulfilling partnership, and this has shone out once more during the current pandemic.”