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Working to protect our rights – fighting the IR Omnibus Bill


ACTU President Michele O’Neil and Secretary Sally McManus are in Canberra defending workers’ rights in relation to the Morrison government’s proposed Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Economic Recovery) Bill 2020.

The ACTU’s submission (which you can read in full here) includes three arguments against the Bill which they see as a return to the WorkChoices era and will cut the wages, conditions and rights of Australian workers.

There are three key arguments that underpin the ACTU’s view on this Bill:

  1. The Bill takes rights off Australian workers. Parliament should not be supporting laws that take rights off workers leaving them worse off.

  2. This Bill will hurt, not help economic recovery

  3. This Bill undermines fairness and delivers ongoing insecurity, not flexibility.

This Bill is the result of big business lobbying MPs and demanding Scott Morrison brings in laws to cut wages and basic workplace rights for millions of workers.

The submission also argues for working people who have either been the essential workers supporting the country during the pandemic or have already suffered the most from the economic impacts of Covid19.

You can still show your support for your fellow workers by signing the petition below.

Send a message right now to Scott Morrison that he shouldn’t punish essential workers.