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Member Focus: Simon Martin

A significant portion of our union membership are student teachers. Student teachers are the future of our education system and our union; both as future educational leaders and advocates of the profession and workplace rights.

Union membership provides student teachers with access to exceptional professional learning opportunities, and expert industrial advice and support as they enter the workplace and take on their first roles within the education sector.

Simon Martin is a student teacher at the University of Notre Dame, completing his Masters of Teaching (Primary) after previously gaining a degree in Communications. Although a typical student teacher and union member, he also has the unique experience of working with the Communications Team at the IEUA WA Branch.

Through various part-time and casual roles while a student, Simon has gained intimate and first-hand knowledge of the precarious nature of work as a student and the concerns of young Australians about to begin their careers. Simon sees the union movement as a means of achieving social justice and a way of offering support to all workers.

“I see a lot of people my age getting a raw deal when it comes to job security, temporary contracts, hyper competitive job markets, and a systematic dismantling of workers’ rights. Unions are vital in giving people the protection and support they need when entering the workforce,” he said.

With his first teaching practicum in term 2 fast approaching, Simon is looking forward to utilising the many resources available to IEU members, including Curriculum Organiser and the Teacher Learning Network, as well as the professional learning sessions that the IEUA WA Branch holds for teachers.

Good luck on prac, Simon!