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IEUA MEMBERS Workers Compensation Representation

The IEUA have partnered with Union owned Law firm United Voice Legal (UVL) to provide expert legal advice and representation for our members who have been injured at work.

UVL are owned and operated by United Voice WA, one of the largest unions in Western Australia, they provide legal services consistent with union values of fairness and equity ensuring IEUA members will get the best outcomes available. 

The union difference

UVL pride themselves on providing the “union difference”, UVL will fight for IEUA members to achieve the best possible outcome.

UVL operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis in most circumstances (conditions apply). UVL lawyers provide Workers Compensation legal advice to ensure members fully understand the legal ramifications surrounding your claim and your entitlements.


If you are injured at work:

  1. Report it;
  2. Complete an incident form;
  3. See your Doctor and obtain a first medical certificate;
  4. Complete a Workers Compensation claim form and forward the form with your Dr’s certificate to the Principal/HR Manager etc;
  5. Keep copies of ALL documentation you provide to your employer;
  6. If any IEUA member has concerns or questions about Workers Compensation call YOUR Union office.

The IEUA Office will refer members to UVL if the Workers Compensation claim is disputed or the insurers denies liability.

Injured at work and unsure of what to do call your union
PH: 9373 1000