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Teachers Registration Board –Representation of IEU Teacher Members

One of the functions of the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) is to regulate the professional conduct of teachers. Some of the ways the TRB manage this are:

  • receiving and assessing notices and complaints about teachers
  • deciding whether disciplinary proceedings should be initiated on receipt of notices or complaints, a change in criminal history or changes to teaching status in another State
  • conducting investigations in relation to disciplinary or impairment matters
  • managing disciplinary proceedings and implement disciplinary action against teachers as required.

ACTION Members should take if you receive a letter from the TRB advising they have received a complaint and are investigating the matter:

  1. CALL YOUR UNION immediately to receive sound and accurate advice
  2. Do not respond to the TRB
  3. Do NOT discuss the letter with your colleagues (as it may be confidential)

The IEU represents all teacher Union members before the TRB. Union members do not need to engage a lawyer, the IEU Industrial Officers are experienced in representing Teacher members with TRB matters.